Conus Noble Finance offers a relationship based service, not a transactional based service like its competitors. Combining our offering with that of National Credit Insurance (NCI) our facility is undisclosed, very flexible and importantly assists in improving your business’s effectiveness and insuring your profitability.


Large long established WA based Transport Company operating a fleet of over 100 vehicles with a turnover in excess of $50m. Monthly fuel bill is on average $300k requiring payment on or before due date. Its bank will only provide facilities to a level secured by the proprietor’s personal landed security, therefore working capital finance is on occasions very tight.

Conus Noble Finance’s Solution

A Trade Credit Insurance policy was entered into via NCI thereby insuring the company’s debtor book. Conus Noble agreed to a facility which enable the company to discount invoices on an uncommitted basis when the company’s bank facilities were insufficient, typically around the time of month when the fuel bill required paying. The company utilises the facility intermittently for periods of between 7 and 14 days, providing ease of cash flow management without the need to juggle important creditors. There is no long term contract entered into.


Newly established Consultancy and Solutions Company operating predominantly in the resource sector on extended terms of credit, at times up to 60 days, whilst having to meet intra month operational costs. A nominal bank overdraft was available, secured by the Proprietors’ personal assets. The company was under constant cash flow pressure despite having a monthly debtor book that averaged in the high tens of thousands of dollars to blue chip resource companies.

Conus Noble Finance’s Solution

A Trade Credit Insurance policy was entered into via NCI thereby insuring the company’s debtor book. Given the quality of the debtor book, the cost of the insurance premium was minimal. Conus Noble agreed to finance the insurance premium at no additional cost and to a 6 month $100,000 Invoice Discount facility of up to 90% of each invoice face value. The insurance premium was repaid in monthly instalments deducted from the residual value of invoices that were discounted. Not all invoices were required to be discounted and discount did not need to occur upon invoice issuance, but rather as the cash was required in the business. The result was a 30 day invoice could be discounted 15 days after issuance as cash was required, thereby minimising the commission payable on that particular invoice. Over the 6 month period the facility enabled the company to manage its growth and diversify its client base, such that its debtor book was no longer all on extended terms and cash flow became more manageable within the overdraft arrangement with the bank. The facility remains in place on an uncommitted basis (no cost unless utilised) and is used by the company from time to time to manage short term cash flow tightness.


Established contract drilling company with one client, being a Statutory Authority, under a long-term contractual arrangement (concentration risk) on 30 day terms. Annual turnover has historically averaged $4 million, however given the nature of the work being contracted, invoicing is predominantly high volume and the value of monthly invoicing can vary considerably on a relatively fixed/regular monthly cost base creating at times sizeable working capital needs. Given the concentration risk their bank places no value on the debtor book & will only agree to consider working capital finance if supported by the Principals’ personal assets, which they wish to avoid. The business was referred to Conus Noble by its Accountant.

Conus Noble Finance’s Solution

Conus Noble agreed to a “whole of book” Invoice Discounting Facility of up to 90% of the face value of invoices issued on a rolling basis. Given the high volume of invoices on issue, rather than discounting each invoice individually, invoices are discounted in batches with each batch of invoices treated as an individual transaction. As this is a “whole of book facility” Conus Noble structured the facility such that, as each invoice is paid (notwithstanding which transaction it relates too) the proceeds are applied to the oldest outstanding transaction until such time as that transaction is repaid & commission is calculated & that transaction closed. Any residual is applied to the next transaction. This process is repeated with each transaction. The benefit of this structure is that a single transaction (essentially an invoice) is rarely outstanding longer than 15 days, thereby minimising commission costs. This facility structure is akin to a rolling line of credit.


At Conus Noble, we are proud to offer a cost effective finance service that provides your business with fast cash flow injections when you need them by advancing you up to 90% of what the business is owed in outstanding invoices to customers. This service is typically known as invoice discounting.


The Conus Noble service is available in all major capital cities in Australia: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, as well as their surrounding regional areas.


Unlike other invoice finance companies and loan companies, our small business finance solution is available to businesses that are relatively new. We work with you to tailor a small business funding solution that provides short-term business finance plus debt factoring insurance to give you the flexibility to grow while staying in control.